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September 10, 2009


I cannot say enough about how nice the new fence looks. Our property looks like it has gained another $30,000 in value. The other HOAs next to us have made some really positive comments. I think that they regret not getting in on it with us for a good value on a "neighbor fence".

I am especially happy with the back fence and new iron gate on my unit. You will definitely be recommended any time anyone I know needs fences, iron-rail work or landscaping. Thank you for your professional work at a reasonable price.

Lee Vincent
Norman House HOA
Normal Heights

November 15, 2009


As Treasurer for Meadow Run Home Owners Association (MRHOA) for the past eight years, I feel I possess the credentials to accurately submit this letter of reference. The aforementioned HOA had 9,849 linear feet of perimeter stucco wall in which it was directed by the Board of Directors, to switch over to vinyl fence based on cost analysis, effective and efficient reasons, etc. I volunteered to act a Program Manager for this transition, which was to take place over a 7-year period due to cost constraints within the appropriate reserve account.

As Project Manager, I was faced with having to deal with five different fence companies over the initial three years of the project, who all claimed to be vinyl fence experts when bids were entertained every year. This is where Fortress Fence and Landscape, Inc. enters – they were the sixth fence company and fortunately, the last one I as Project Manager had to deal with over the remainder of the stucco wall to vinyl fence transition project – nearly 6,000 linear feet!

The owner, Mr. Joe Rich, was very responsive to the needs/desires of the HOA (and continues to hold the same concerns after nearly 5 years of continued contractual employment). Words/phrases that can be associated with Fortress are high quality of workmanship, outstanding coordination of work schedule, neat – work crew cleaned up every day while onsite, reliable, dependable and last but not least – honesty.

Midway through the transition project, the HOA shifted the perimeter wall/fence graffiti removal responsibility to Fortress Fence, as they are truly the Subject Matter Experts (SME) when it comes to all types of fencing, and not just limited to vinyl fencing. Fortress maintains a weekly graffiti log to account for their work in graffiti removal as well as recommend any vinyl fence picket and/or post replacements due to vandalism or shifting of terrain. Also, annually, Fortress conducts perimeter fence power washing at very reasonable prices, always ensuring their customers get the best bid that can be obtained. The power washing includes cleanliness of the vinyl prior to power washing, utilizing ecology-friendly (green) cleaning products!

Maintaining Fortress Fence & Landscape, Inc to be the SME of the vinyl fence allows the HOA Board of Directors to concentrate their efforts to other issues within the Association, knowing the perimeter/vinyl fence is in excellent hands!

Respectfully submitted,

Kenneth W. Steiner
MRHOA Treasurer