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How to Get Started

How to Get Started

Please call or email us to set up an appointment. We will need to know a little bit about the project you have in mind. Many projects do not require extensive design drawings or city/county permitting, such as:

  • Adding a deck
  • Adding a patio cover
  • Adding French doors
  • Fences
  • Walls
  • Low voltage lighting
  • Ponds and water features
  • Irrigation systems

Free Consultations:

We give up to 45-minute free consultations if you know what you want and have some idea of the styles and materials that interest you. Even a collection of pictures can be a very helpful starting place. This short consultation gives you the benefit of our 24 years of experience to flesh out the concept into something that can be turned into an estimate/contract.

Large Projects and Extended Consultations:

If you have a large project, (such as a full landscape job or home remodel),  or need more extensive design assistance, we offer extended 90-minute consultations for $75.

Phone/Email Cost Estimating:

Within reasonable limits we can also do some basic cost/design analysis by phone or email. If you like our ideas we can then schedule an appointment with our designer or architect.

Large Project Planning Fees:

Large-project design and plan-drawing fees will be around 5% of your project costs, with a $500 minimum. Permits and engineering are separate. Plans by a licensed architect will run around 10% of project cost, with a $2000 minimum. Again, permitting and engineering are separate.